Last night we celebrated the 78th birthday of my favorite person on this earth: affectionately known as gram dizzle.

Gram Dizzle's bday (actually this is from last year 🙂

Really.  I’m not the only one who calls her that.  She’s a simple lady, she loves her Kaneohe hale and wants nothing more than to stay there and chill on her special day.  On her birthday party menu?  Cheeseburgers on the grill, pasta salad and grilled lobster.  Then she had a scone cake and costco gelato (did you know costco has Kirkland gelato?!  They sure do!) … random eats at its best!  She constantly yells, “I don’t need anything!!” except for a carton of milk every few days (she doesn’t drive) so for her gift I am forcing her to leave the comforts of her la-z-boy and the windward side to be my date to see DHT’s production of The King and I later this month.  I. am. so. friggin. excited.  I seriously have been anticipating this for months.  I LOVE this musical!

In other celebratory news…

Did you know this past Sunday, February 27th commemorated the one year anniversary of the Tsunami scare in Hawaii? Do you remember what you were doing when those waves hit?  Were YOU the idiot surfing waiks? I was in the Kaneohe 24 Hour fitness (where else?!) doing a two hour Spin Nation fundraiser ride.  Me and about five other psychos, er… I mean supporters of a worthy cause.  Well, if you did forget to celebrate surviving this (almost) national disaster, rest assured Yelpers never miss an opportunity to make something into a reason to party.  Honolulu Yelp’s CM (community manager) Emi Hart every so-often gets people together for CMYE’s (CM Yelp Events) which are usually happy hours or movie nights.  The parties are usually comically-themed, for example this mustache-themed event:

Yelp's Revenge of Senor Mustachio Event - me and my BGF Kenny with Emi and Chad

This event, appropriately-named The 2010 Hawaii Tsunami Survivor’s Celebration got people together for happy hour at Ryan’s followed by a screening of Hall Pass at ward.  I refuse to pay 14 bucks to see a movie so yelp events like this give me the only opportunity to actually see a movie in a theater.  I’m so behind on movies anyway, chances are I haven’t seen 99% of the new releases on netflix.  Add that to the fact most movies are crap and I’d be pissed to spend that money and not have enjoyed it… needless to say, I really liked Hall Pass!  It was seriously crude but hilarious. Women, let me know if you see a sudden trend of your man giving you “fake chow”! Go pay your 14 bucks and see it!  or wait til it comes out on netflix. ha.  It was also a great opportunity to spend time with my cousin in a non-drinking setting (sort of, he couldn’t get too wasted on a couple of longboards at Ryan’s… I planned it so we’d not have enough time for him to get ripped *wink*).  I love him best when he’s sober!

This weekend I was also invited to celebrate love and the beginning of a new life path for my friend at her bridal shower.  The maid of honor is AMAZING at putting parties, favors and treats of all kinds together and this event truly showcased her talent.  She could make a ton doing this!  People always tell her she should start a business… am I right?

She made everything from scratch. Even the chocolate flower on top!

cookie favor

In fact, all of the ladies there were super-talented.  Just look at the project runway-ready dress they created from the wrapping paper from the shower gifts!  Complete with imelda-puffed sleeves!

dress made completely of wrapping paper!

We had brunch at the Willows, awesome place for private parties… the room we were in reminded me of swiss family robinson’s house (does anyone know what i’m even referring to there?) the menu item that was most memorable was… get this, a bacon-wrapped sweet bread filled with nutella.  No, i’m not making that up.  It must be seen to be believed.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

Just got pau helping Chef Sean Priester (of Soul on Waialae) prep food for the breakfast he is hard at work serving right now to the homeless at Next Step Shelter.  He does this every couple of weeks and I am amazed at how he finds time to do this in addition to running his restaurant and the soul patrol truck.

Chef Sean Priester with the load of pancakes, eggs and sausage to feed breakfast to the folks at Next Step Shelter

I spent the morning slicing fruit and random sous-chef duties.  I’m pretty positive I just did more work in his kitchen than i’ve done in my own at home… for those that know me, it’s not saying much!  Look for his tweets, he usually starts messaging if he is in need of volunteers a day or two before for early Wednesday mornings prep and/or serving at the shelter.

Happy HUMP day people!  Time to get it!!!

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  1. JLieu says:

    LOVE IT!!!! You sure are busy!!! 😀

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