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profile of a recovering yelp addict

I’ve been writing food and business reviews on Yelp for some time now and lately i’ve found myself having to delete most of what I initially write because it ends up becoming more of a rambling story about what happened there and inappropriate comments and less about the actual food or business. This is the short answer for what inspired me to begin blogging. No boundaries baby, It’s ALL fair game! So be prepared for some randomness!

poor Jenn's insane parking

Sometimes you talk about doing something forever and until someone gives you that shove to actually get started in doing it you’ll just keep saying it’s something you want to do or “someday”.  That shove for me came in the form of an impromptu dinner and mini-life coach conversation with docrock.  On one of my genius decisions to avoid moving my car from the insanely small space in my condo (holla if you hear me Jenn!) and attempt to walk absolutely everywhere, I decided to trek to Ala Moana to shop.  On the way back, I remembered Sake Shop was having their monthly tasting!  There’s got to be a really good reason for me to pass up any free alcohol, and yes … I do want to learn about sake too… so I decided to take a detour on my way home to check it out.  I not only got to taste some delicious Namazake (rare seasonal sake that are only produced once a year in Spring),

The smallest sake cup in the world

 but was happily kidnapped by docrock, phillip and company (new friends YAY! @mariemulan and @topher808 🙂 ) to eat izakaya.  Really I suggested Nonbei for dinner because on a recent visit there I fell in LOVE with their frozen sake,

Marie's origami and kinako mochi, frozen sake, onaga kabutoni and eating ball (eyeball!!)

another story completely… Not only was the company great laughs and finding someone else who uses the expression SMITF priceless.  What was also priceless was the conversation that gave me the slap in the face I needed to realize that I’m not doing what I want to do and i’m not doing a damn thing to push me toward realizing any of my goals.  Thanks doc for the real talk and thanks phillip for introducing and encouraging me to try  http://750words.com/ !  If’ you’ve ever had a case of writer’s block, this is your cure and like therapy through writing – I felt like my fingers were screaming at the keyboard at certain points – try it!

So here it is folks, my first post … many more (and progressively better I hope) to come.  Thanks for reading!  Your constructive criticism is welcome below 🙂

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8 Responses to hello blog world

  1. Toyota Sensei says:

    Just another outlet for your awesomeness! ❤ it!

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  4. JLieu says:

    This is AWESOME! I am excited to keep up with you adventures! HOLLA!

  5. sarakata says:

    Love your blog! 🙂 Good luck going sans meat during lent! It’s not so bad, promise~ hehe.

    • kyleepuu says:

      Thank you! I look forward to a marathon-sesh of reading all of your posts! Actually, going meat-free has not been much of a challenge, it’s limiting my fish to just once a week that has been hard. I love that vegetarians can still indulge in all the carbs and sweets!! :-0

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