bbq: the ties that bind

Dan (@wangchungs) said it best: Nothing bonds a group together better than the sizzling smell of korean bbq on our clothes!

See, fully bonded: Ryan, Dan and Jenn enjoying dessert after the yakiniku feast!

It also helps when 15 of you are crammed into a cozy yakiniku where the platters of meat don’t stop until you beg them to and the number of alcohol bottles at your table out-number the guest list…   My first experience here was definitely a bonding one as well – let’s just say it ended with a game of “go ahead, ask me ANYTHING!” and the staff showing us their version of a sake-bomb (a shot of soju sprayed with a shaken beer… BOONsoju?). Wondering where this amazing place of all you can eat meat, BYOB and smiling happy service is hidden?  Like I said in my yelp review, I’d be happy to keep this place my little secret heaven of meat-overindulgence but sharing is caring right?  Any visit to Sikdorak (located in the Samsung Plaza on Ke’eaumoku) is guaranteed to be a party.   I had such a blast last week I couldn’t wait to return so last night I did a redux.  I really love getting random people together over drinks and food. I hope no one is offended by being labeled as “random”.  I just mean that by association, it’s very likely you have absolutely no ties with the person sitting next to you besides the fact that #1 you know Kyle and #2 you love to eat and/or drink and have a good time.  Of course, good times were had! For a more thorough recap of the bbq madness and more pics, check out Melissa Chang’s blog post “Grillin’ and Chillin’ at Sikdorak” on nonstophonolulu.

Collage of good times at Sikdorak

After gorging ourselves on meat and alcohol we kept the party going and moved next door to visit Garrett at Sushi ii (how perfect is that?)  to indulge in his delicious desserts.  My genius GBF Kenny brought the entertainment – alcohol-infused whipped cream! 

get creamed! photo courtesy of Jenn, see more in her blog post linked here -->


Said entertainment was fully documented by the lovely Jenn in her blog post today, appropriately entitled “get creamed”. 

Dinner inpires foodie love connections galore… see Ryan’s blog post today, Melissa (@melissa808) captures the sister and brother from another mother (Jenn and Dan) telling us how to order dim sum youtube style!

Thanks everyone for such a memorable evening and I can’t wait til next time!

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12 Responses to bbq: the ties that bind

  1. JLieu says:

    LOVE IT!!! YOu are such a great writer and YES! You help bond all of us along with yummy food!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. ugggz says:

    sweet! nice recap and pics!

  3. Nice!! If I don’t pass out, my blog will post tomorrow!

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  5. Ameena says:

    I love the energy of your posts! You are such an enthusiastic person – I need to incorporate a little more of that in my hum drum life.

    Welcome to the blogging world my friend!

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