friends and fitness (mis)adventures

Whenever I start something, I’m ALL in , full force, so recently when I bought a bike for commuting I’ve tried to ride it everywhere and anywhere I could show up reasonably unkempt … to home bar & grill for our kickball team’s first meet and greet (see our official cheerleader’s post about our meeting):

Team Kickballin' Out of Control's first strategy session!

to work (luckily attire is very casual!)

"working hard"

and what better way to warm up for tkb (turbo kickboxing) class than to ride to the gym right?ย  So I don’t think my brain had really woken and/or sobered up completely at the time I made the decision to ride to 24 for class.ย  About five minutes into the ride it began drizzling slightly, about ten minutes later – flat tire and pouring rain! Luckily I have the most amazingly kind and giving friends, my turbo kick sister turned around and rescued me in time for us to make it back to the gym for class!

Who wouldn't want to take a class led by someone who can also teach you about alcohol-infused whip cream?! Kenny teaches tkb Thursday and Friday nights at Windward 24

I don’t think my hero wants to be on blast so instead, here’s a pic of one of my favorite friends and tkb instructor!

Running has brought many amazing people into my life as well and most recently a great new routine of early Saturday runs followed by GREAT food at KCC Farmer’s Market – Grandma G’s Kitchen (@ono4grandmags):ย  I’m still thinking about that sweetbread french toast!

rewards of running! eating our way through the KCC Farmer's Market

This weekend’s (mis)adventures made me really think about how lucky I am to have the people I do in my life … Although bonding through food has been a great way for me to meet and develop new friendships, nothing compares to the friendships I’ve formed through fitness.

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8 Responses to friends and fitness (mis)adventures

  1. ugggz says:

    awesome post! sorry to hear about your flat =(

    • kyleepuu says:

      I got the flat right infront of Momentum on Waialae – what luck huh?! The guy there was awesome, went back later when they opened and guess what? They take the Isle Discount cards!

  2. JLieu says:

    LOVE IT!! LML more that I have you in it!! So many good times! ๐Ÿ˜€ Life is pretty darn cool! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry that your bike got a flat too.. you can always call me if you need anything at all!

    • kyleepuu says:

      It IS!! PS, Checked out that tea farm place last night – we should drop in for a cup later tonight (right before your bedtime… 8:30? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. dansifer says:

    you get to play with turtles for work?? cool

  4. Chris O. says:

    this blog>yelp reviews!

    So now that you bought a bike, are you going to start swimming too? *cough*iron man*cough*


    • kyleepuu says:

      yeah right!!! I only swim Waikiki and if I do, it’s inside of the wall where you can touch the sand at all times! Thanks for the vote of confidence though ๐Ÿ™‚

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