giving up

It’s Ash Wednesday – usually this is a meaningless fact for me, while for many others this marks the beginning of the sacrificial period of lent.  I am by no means someone you would consider religious (the several years I spent attending five church meetings weekly and having religion shoved down my throat had an oppositte effect on me apparently).  This year I decided to join my friend Justin in support as well as a self-challenge and experiment in giving up meat.  What do you do the day before you know you won’t enjoy carniverous delights for the next 40 days?  Go to Sikdorak of course – duh.. winning. (heh, It’s still not old for me yet) …

last meat meal for 40 days at sikdorak

Quite honestly after that meal I don’t even want to look at meat for at least a month.  But lent is supposed to be about self-denial and sacrifice of something you would consider a real vice right?  I may be speaking too soon but as long as I can still have fish I don’t forsee going meat-free being any big issue for me so I’m going attempt avoiding sweets as well…. what, you thought I was gonna say alcohol? NOT! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my little experiment!

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7 Responses to giving up

  1. JLieu says:

    OMG!! WOW!!! That is awesome! Good luck! I will help support this too! I dont eat much meat but I am giving up complex carbs such as bagels, meat, swearing and being rude! 😀

    • kyleepuu says:

      does road rage swearing in your car when you’re by yourself count? 😉 Good luck to you too! That is a major challenge! We will both be great farmer’s market patrons for the next month!

  2. ugggz says:

    Winning! RAWWWR! I had a bagel this morning while craving some bacon and eggs. sigh. For lunch, Govindas for the very first time.

    Unfortunately for me, fish is considered meat so I will be without that too. I’ll be going pretty much vegan the next few weeks. GAH.

  3. dansifer says:

    wow you three are so good giving up things. good luck. how about instead of me giving up foods i just work out twice as much. haha. that works out right?

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