lessons in drinking

I don’t know about you but after last night’s (and well into the early morning) tsunami craziness, I’m in need of a beverage… preferably one of the alcoholic nature.  Vodka is usually go-to drink but lately I’ve been lucky enough to have had several “educational” opportunities that have helped me to try, learn and appreciate other types of liquor.

I recently purchased a home (well OK a tiny studio) and besides a lovely scent-warmer, the only housewarming gifts I received were bottles of vodka.  Even from co-workers… should I say, especially from co-workers.  Wow, what a rep huh?  For the first couple of months, this is what my freezer looked like:

Freezer contents

I have begun to appreciate sake through The Sake Shop’s (@sakeshop) monthly tastings and because I have been frequenting izakayas lately – what goes better with Japanese food than sake right?

Taking notes at the Sake Shop

Little did I know I had another great resource at my fingertips – MeetoWorld Sake 101 podcasts by Marie (@mariemulan) and Docrock (@docrock) –  The taping I attended this weekend was actually for Awamori, an Okinawan shouchu …a very STRONG one (25% alcohol by volume), which I was told is atypically strong for this type of liquor.  Being a vodka drinker, this one was exactly my cup of tea!

Teaching us about sake (or in this case, shouchu) one podcast at a time

This past weekend I made another AWESOME discovery my gbf invited me to a tasting that still has me in awe, the experience here made me feel like I had been invited to some secret society – totally unexpected!  This is another place you just want to keep all to yourself but it’s just great you can’t hold it in (can you tell I’m TERRIBLE at keeping secrets? I mean awful.  I can’t even buy christmas presents early because I end up giving them right away!)  The best part about the tasting is you feel as if you’ve just walked into someone’s tiny crowded kitchen with all you can drink and great pupu’s.  They don’t pressure you or make you feel like you should leave anytime soon, It was as if I was at a family party and tasting as many and as much as you like.  What’s also good is whatever they are tasting’s purchase price is discounted for that day.

Sampling of JnJ's "micro-mini" tasting event... this is MINI?!

I’m holding my finger over the “Publish” button thinking, should I divulge now that both The Sake Shop and JnJs will be having their monthly tastings THIS Saturday?  What if people bombard them and it gets so crowded I won’t enjoy myself as much?? Ehhh who the hell am I kidding, only like five people even read my blog… I said this to my friend Kenny and he said, “yeah, you’re right”!  That’s why I love him, brutally honest !

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4 Responses to lessons in drinking

  1. JLieu says:

    OOHhh!!! Well if you EVER need a DD- Im your girl!

  2. DocRock says:

    Thanks Kyle, new lesson this Sunday and I’ll pick up up for Saturday at Sake Shop.

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