stir fry

In my mind, these two words are the scariest in the culinary dictionary.  Growing up hearing mom say, we’re having stir fry for dinner could either mean something completely awesome or very bad, or sometimes just some combination of ingredients and flavors that were never meant to be.  Stir fry in our house meant whatever we have mixed together… meat leftover from another meal, one or two veggies left in the crisp bin on their last leg, supplemented by odd pantry and freezer items… I think this is why I am an adventurous eater and am willing to try just about anything edible put in front of me.  I forget sometimes that not everyone has such “dulled” taste-buds.  I definitely forgot this when I had the bright idea to cook my version of indian curry at home and proceeded to invite people over to eat it with me. My approach to cooking is the 60% rule – If I see a recipe and I have over half of the ingredients called for, I’ll give it a try and fill the other 40% of ingredients missing with what I think would work.  Similar to mom’s stir fry, this could mean something great or … what happened this particular night when I thought: Let’s sub broccoli for cauliflower, and since I gave up meat let’s add a starch for satiety’s sake – oh, how about these okinawan sweet potatoes?  uh-oh, this isn’t enough sauce (read: I was using pre-packaged indian curry sauce) I’ll add some shoyu and some of this spice mix… Sounds incredibly delicious doesn’t it?  Let’s just say this experiment didn’t work out so well, a few minutes before my poor neighbors Jenn and Mike arrived I had to throw in the towel and get take out.  FAIL!  As always though, when you break bread with great friends (and a few bottles of wine) dinner impossible still turned out to be a supermegaawesome night.  Luckily Docrock and Phillip thought better of testing my concoctions and brought their own food when crashing the party.

What DID turn out great was a twist on jicama “salsa” I got through the twitter grapevine (thanks @harrycovair)

Jicama (pronounced hi-ca-ma) "salsa" with the kyleepuu twist

using diced jicama (from @otsujifarms), bell peppers, onion, cilantro and sambal.  Much better the next day after the flavors marinated a bit but we (I) dug in almost immediately

So friends, next time you ask…. Do you EVER stay home? Why do you eat OUT so much? Here is your answer!

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5 Responses to stir fry

  1. Lori says:

    hmmm..never heard of shoyu in indian food 🙂 where’s the pic of the indian curry??

    • kyleepuu says:

      TRUST me you do not want to know what that looked like! The gross part is I’m still trying to finish it (it actually tastes fine to me) when I eat it in front of other people though they make this really funny face.

  2. JLieu says:

    Aloooha from SFO! I LOVED your stir-fry curry….:D I think having the extra curry from spices helped! You are an awesome cook, and I think your open-ness to try news things makes your cooking so unique! 😀

    The salsa DID turn out yummy and I was able to capture some great photos! when I get back, I will mail them to you! 😀 Keep going at it girl! 😀 Cooking is like sex, you dont have to have AL the ingredients, mix it up and it will still turn out yums!

  3. Ameena says:

    I could have written this because my approach to cooking is exactly the same! I rarely have more than 60% of any recipe and I am too lazy to go to the store. And yet, things really do turn out most of the time!

    My mom is still so disappointed in me. 🙂

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