no filter

For the most part if you are involved in social networking you don’t mind everyone knowing pretty much everything you do – there are many people who are hesitant to share details about their life online, for fear of being judged for what you do, where you go, who you’re with…

imho if you think like this, you may be doing something that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place – which is why I think social networking is a great tool to keep oneself accountable.

This is not to say there aren’t any things that i’ve done that i’d rather not all of my facebook, yelp or twitter friends to know … such as having WAY too much fun on a rare club-night out (thanks guys) … but I can always take something good away even when unflattering things are posted:

This taught me: #1 - NEVER drink on an empty stomach, people will take advantage of your naivete and chaste mind #2 - do NOT leave your phone unattended!

 Although as someone told me once, posting and commenting on sites like these is like yelling into a crowded room.  Chances are, most people won’t even hear (read) you… even if they do it won’t be remembered for long (or at least you hope!). 

What is the point of this post?  I guess what I’m trying to say is that i’ve learned to LOVE living my life totally exposed. 

I realize it isn’t for everyone but for me it has brought so many positive and outgoing people into my life and helped me discover new places, events, hobbies and organizations which would have never crossed my path had I shied away from being an active participant this media.

Here are some recent examples of awesomeness I have been blessed with through living my life online:

participating in crane folding to help support tsunami relief efforts in Japan at Kissaten

Through twitter, for Flock of Prayers: meeting new friends IRL, trying new places and scoring HIFF tickets! (@chrishall78, @electric_bamboo, @rickyli, @melissa808, @rsuenaga, @juliakacoco, @michaelchoy)

If you haven’t chosen your HIFF film yet, here’s what I’m really excited to see!

Finding kindred spirits, great laughs, good food, comedic posts and nonstop fun (@jlieu, @melissa808 and @lenahanson – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)

Attending the Posh Pau Hana Event at Ala Moana with Melissa (see her blog post on nonstop honolulu here) with good friends I met through Yelp

Michael, Lori and Justin... taking advantage of the open bar and pupus at Posh Pau Hana

Finding not only great friendship in Jenn and Docrock but also an inspiration to write by these pro-bloggers.

inspiration to write


In a nutshell, I FLML!

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7 Responses to no filter

  1. ugggz says:

    I love this post!

    I wrote you a Haiku…

    Eats and Adventures
    Kyle, Eiffel Tower victim
    Quick! steal her iPhone!

    • kyleepuu says:

      that really was the most hilarious thing about last night, I also discovered all of you can lie with a straight face! I’ve never mastered that, can you teach me how?

  2. yellowsmac says:

    Drinking on an empty stomach? Damn–I don’t think I’ve ever seen drunk Kyle before. What kind of SBF are you?

  3. neilyama says:

    This is true… I’m the same way. At first I was very hesitant to tweet about the stuff I was doing. I didn ‘t know if it was stuff that people would think was interesting or even if they’d consider reading it. I think the social media community in Hawaii is unique in that it’s small, but large. Small in that everyone knows everyone else. and large in that there really are a lot of people, GOOD people involved. Mostly though, I agree with the last part… I FLML!!!

  4. Doc Rock says:

    Thanks for the kind words Kyle and I hope you love your new Moleskine. You can fill it with stories slow then fast and long and deep. Just remember to “Keep the Pen Moving” or keyboard if you will.

  5. JLieu says:

    Girl, You are AMAZING! Attitude determines your Altitude in life and you are flying high! I love you and I am so thankful that Melissa introduced us! 😀 You are my lobster! LOL! Awesome post, and btw, I just found out what an Eiffel tower is! 😛 GROSS!

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