let me check my schedule

You may not be able to tell by my sporadic blog posting, but I am actually an absolute schedule nazi. It’s a little embarassing to admit just how detailed and minute I can get with planning out just about every moment to make sure that I can cram as many things into my day and make every moment as productive as possible. 

Most (okaaaay… ALL) of my extra-curricular activities are scheduled first around my turbo kick class schedule and as much as I can fit before and after that.  If for any reason I miss one of my classes or any other routine activity I commit to (spin or running in the am), it’s got to be for a damn good reason. 

Some things I always include in my schedule:




This is one of the signs that my very best gbf and I agree completely upon – we know if we have found someone worthwhile to date if that person makes you want to change your schedule for them. 

It may seem selfish but leading free-spirited, independent single life for quite some time I have come to the happy realization that the only way I’ll be fulfulled is to be true to my own wants, needs and obligations first and IF someone or something is important enough to convince me to compromise or rearrange my schedule that’s a true sign it is something significant.

Is anyone else as anal as I am about their routine?  What makes you want to compromise it?

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12 Responses to let me check my schedule

  1. yellowsmac says:

    I absolutely love this post and I absolutely hate it as well!

    Why is a simple question as “What makes you want to compromise your daily routine?” seem so difficult and daunting? And more-so…SCARY! What is it that I do?!

    I think I’ve already annexed my love for myself (wants, needs, and obligations…) But my bigger question is–when will I allow to let SOMEONE (not just “something”) into my life. Why wait for them? Why not look for them…

    We’ve talked about this MANY of times–this is why this post makes me LOVE IT and HATE IT!

    It’s probably the only alarm in my life that I continue to “snooze”.

    I ❤ YOU!

    • kyleepuu says:

      I love you too! No, I really think looking for someone is the surest way NOT to find them. This is why I like our schedule rule, when that person comes along, this is what tells me it’s a person who is worth pausing for and a friendship worth nurturing.

  2. daniel says:

    okay now i know not to mess with kyle’s schedule or she might use her tkb moves and beat me up haha

  3. yellowsmac says:

    BTW I love how your “Fitness” picture has a pan of cupcakes smack-dab in the center.

  4. JLieu says:

    I love it! And I agree! The person that you are with is not suppose to make you change yourself, but to better yourself and that they compliment you in life. I know that it can be hard as most couple end up doing stuff for the other person, even if they are unhappy. I am lucky to have Mike, he lets me do whatever- most of the time 😀 I think you are doing great and NEVER compromise!

  5. kyleepuu says:

    Thank you Jenn! As a sidenote, I was told by someone that the post carries a bit of an “angry” note, which is purely unintentional. This post actually comes from a very happy place! As far as changing schedule is concerned, I really mean it’s a very good indicator, for the most part I feel like people (me) are wandering around life meeting peole and perpetually thinking, do I like them, do I want to spend more time with them? am I being to quick to judge? I wish there was a guide book to life and interpersonal relationships. So when I do find something that helps me interpret things more clearly it’s exciting!

    I love you and Mike’s relationship, you complement each other SO well! 😀

  6. Jenn Silva says:

    Gosh…I sooo remember going through this stage. Sigh….SOO much fun!! The stage when… ” I love you…but ah…I love ME more.” has true meaning to everyday life. :o) Experienced this… during the time I met Chris. Fortunately, he opened many new doors for me. Gardening, fishing, beer pong… I was able to experience and learn new things meanwhile keeping a balance with the things that I loved. You just know it in your gut….and when you’re ready… The words will simply be “I Love you and I love us!”
    Keep up the blogging Kyle. I totally love it!

    • kyleepuu says:

      Thanks Jenn – beer pong (haha) so funny, I was just thinking of the two of you last night – all the times you and Chris pass out together… you two were meant to be 🙂 I’m so glad for the comments, I love your photoblog as well!

  7. Refrigeraider says:

    I am anal about my goals and objectives in life, but everything else remains in flux and at play and because of it things get delayed, pushed back because new thoughts, experiences, and friends should be given room in my life. With that being said, I think within us all are cores, that might change, but in general we would like to keep true to and give us a compass. So those two competing thoughts (yin-yang like) balance me out and I am glad that I met so many of you, as you you better me by teaching me new things, but also reaffirm my commitment to friends, family, and entrepreneurship (not so much the fitness thing, that comes and goes in spurts, I mean . . . never mind what I mean). So basically, I think the things that make you, you, are worth keeping, and I for one admire your steadfastness to your routine. Truth be told I wish I could be like that. So make no compromises that sell yourself short, only make compromises that better you and those around you. Ok, back to my own blog as I’m late posting my crap up.

  8. sarakata says:

    Love it! 😀 I’m a work in progress with my schedule. I use it 24/7, but I have this extremely bad habit of dropping things when something else comes up. By “things” i mean fitness. Hahahahaha. 🙂 Getting there though!

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