good (vegetarian) eats!


I’ve taken a hiatus of sorts from yelping because I found that when reviewing, I began to write more about the experience at the establishment and the actual food was more of an afterthought – how the hell is reading a review like that going to help someone trying to find out whether said restaurant has good pad thai or not? Not a very useful contribution in the food-review arena.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to write in the blog format instead, this way I can tell you all about the random mess floating through my head (someone who has been spending some time in there described it like being in the matrix -dodging disassociated thoughts and musings from all directions) without the restrictions of sticking to one topic in particular.

As you may know I, along with my partner in crime Justin embarked on a quest to eat meat-free for lent. He went balls-to-the-wall vegan while I have been sticking to the “traditional” by going vegetarian and allowing myself to consume fish once a week. Forget what I said in “giving up” about forgoing sweets… that did not last long. So far this exercise in self control and discipline has been pretty easy and successful. I have HAD to consume fish more than once a week … Seriously, who would turn down a seriously entertaining and delicious night with some of the most hilarious and beautiful women in on the island to celebrate Lena’s birthday at Morimoto Waikiki and the next night another epic sushi bar night at Morio Sushi Bistro with the crew?

Always on the prowl for new eats, I was eager to try Downbeat Diner after a Bar35 regular had noticed the new-ish restaurant (located right across the street) and had heard they have a rep of being vegan-friendly – a fellow foodie adventurer at heart, Justin was game to try as well.

Downbeat’s location and hours can’t be beat – working townies can catch them for lunch while late night drunk townies can catch them before, during or after bar-crawls, pau-hanas and first fridays! Where else can you get vegan/veggie and meat-eater friendly meals at all hours of the day and night? The menu offerings are true diner-style dishes: burgers, sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, even a pretty impressive dessert menu and a full bar! Everything on the menu can be made vegetarian and most can be made vegan!

The city tour of good vegetarian eats will continue on Friday where i’m gathering a group of friends and foodies at my ultimate fave: the King St Loving Hut… Update to follow!

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7 Responses to good (vegetarian) eats!

  1. ugggz says:

    we definitely need to go back to downbeat so i can grub me some’mo of dem buffalo wings on a tootsie pop stick! Next year i’m giving up either alcohol, or kariel…tough choice.

  2. JLieu says:

    Awesome!!! 😀 I need to give up- and stick to it! 😛

  3. Doc Rock says:

    @Kyleepuu you are doing a great job keep up the good work!

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