I almost didn’t show up to filming a podcast yesterday with Doc and Phillip. I am glad I did because our seemingly innocuous conversation put me in the necessary mind frame to get me through what was to come later in the day.  In recognition of the Easter holiday, Phillip chose to talk about thankfulness as the theme, little did I know this topic would carry so much weight through the rest of my day.

One of the main ideas the podcast made me really reflect on was why we tend to appreciate things most only after they are gone.  Why can’t we carry this same appreciation for things while we have them?

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We all received sudden and shocking news yesterday about the loss of a caring and kind person I’m lucky enough to have called a friend. I did not know Ryan Suenaga for very long but became fast friends.

Reflecting back, I am amazed he even continued to pursue our friendship after bossing him around so much and coercing him to do things most others would look at as pure torture…. 6 am runs around Diamond Head on Saturday mornings, bike riding in the wind and rain to eat durian shave ice, uni, natto and durian dinners when he is not an adventurous eater by any means.  But he did it all with a smile and introduced me to all of his friends as the “awesome @kyleepuu”.

I am thankful to have shared a small slice of life with Ryan.

I am thankful that out of this tragedy, I am able to take from it and realize how important it is to appreciate all of the wonderful people I am surrounded by and show them how much I appreciate them for allowing me to share a small slice of life with them just as Ryan did.

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8 Responses to thankful

  1. Sara says:

    I know I don’t know you very well but Ryan always spoke so highly of you. He was very fond of you and I’m sure he appreciates this post.

    • kyleepuu says:

      Thank you Sara, I am so glad he brought so many great people into my life and look forward to getting together with you guys just as we would if he was still here 🙂

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  4. John Garcia says:

    Awesome post, Kyle. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • kyleepuu says:

      🙂 Thanks for reading, I tried to make him move his Good Friday lunch group over to Loving Hut with us, but that was one instance where my bossiness did not prevail!

  5. smurata says:

    Thanks for sharing – Ryan had so much fun with you in this last month, it probably helped that you were bossy and made him eat stuff he wouldn’t have tried.

    And I’m glad he didn’t move his Good Friday lunch — we had a blast and I now have a lot of fond memories of that day.

    Aloha, Susan

    • kyleepuu says:

      Susan – I’m glad your group was able to get together that Friday, Ryan mentioned it was so infrequent that everyone was able to meet due to busy schedules, etc. I’m sad I didn’t get to join you as he was always excited to introduce me to his friends. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out sometime soon – thank you for reading and commenting. It’s cathartic to write and comforting that others read and can relate to the issues we are all facing with the loss of Ryan.

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