team rocket is blasting off again!

I used to watch Amazing Race and think, I’d totally do that! Trotting the globe, deciphering clues, challenging the mind and body to win the ultimate prize… uh, cash? I don’t remember, honestly it’s been ages since I watched tv (no cable and no time).

Thanks to the Honolulu Grub Club I got to live the dream – I spent last Saturday speeding around town with Team Rocket using our foodie, local and literary knowledge in the HGC See-Food Scavenger Hunt masterminded by my pal Ryan Hew.

Team Rocket blasting off again!

I wasn’t even sure I’d be available to participate until the very last minute and was luckily mooshed into a group with amazingly smart and talented friends –

Cheyne - Master of all things literary! (CLUE: I am the Bird of La Mancha)

Our speedracer rocketship driver Dan! (CLUE: Fast bamboo eater)

Josh - Navigator, researcher and best of all my gbf! (Specialty Item Find - Green River Soda!)

Jon - GENIUS photographer and creative director (CLUE: Complete Sustenance.)

Thank you for letting me boss you around as team captain so I could just nod my head in agreement when you solve  clues like: 

  • Pick me up all the herbs at Scarbourgh Fair.  Answer: Sage, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme
  • {[7(10(5(5(2×2))))] + [((765-77)/2)-24]}/2 = ?  Answer: 3660

The hunt began near Ala Moana and led our team all over the city from Kahala Mall, down Waialae, into Waikiki, working our way back toward our meeting spot where Ryan and Kevin (of Off -Premise) had a bbq set up for us pool-side at the Moana Pacific.

As per my usual style of, ahem… crap talking arrogance, I went ahead and called victory as Team Rocket sped in the lead by a good half hour at least ahead of three other teams.  While capturing our last clues in Foodland we (okay, it was just me) joked that we should just cook a dish while we’re there since we’ve got so much time to spare!  But, alas pride cometh before the fall – Team Rocket was named first runner-up… ya hear that? FIRST runner up!! 🙂

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I had a blast and thanks to Ryan, Honolulu Grub Club and Kevin for your hard work in putting the event together!  I love participating in any food-themed event, especially one that involves trivia, fun and great friends – GO TEAM ROCKET!

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9 Responses to team rocket is blasting off again!

  1. augustophoto says:

    Looked like a lot of fun. You should audition for The Amazing Race!

  2. sarakata says:

    Love your photos! 😀
    I had a great time, as well~ even though we came in 3rd! hehe.
    If HGC ever does a veggie event, I’m totally there! ❤

  3. nonstopmari says:

    clues were HARD! i’m intimidated now. thot abt entering and WINNING, but now i think my team wd have come in last. great post and pics, kyle!

    • kyleepuu says:

      It was the best! I’m trying to talk him into doing another before next year – we’ll all be at the Whole Hog event, we can coerce him then 🙂

  4. JLieu says:

    SO FUNNY… I love it! 😀

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  6. aokami says:

    If you’re team rocket, where’s meowf?

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