thirsty thursday

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink.  When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”  ~Frank Sinatra

Yesterday was just one of those days where from about 8 am all I could think of is when I could have a cocktail.  I’m not ashamed to admit I think about drinking before most people have breakfast.  I know all of you have had one of those days… If you haven’t, well you just lead a charmed life – lucky you!  Nothing particularly devastating happened it was just one of those funks that I knew would be instantly solved the moment liquor touched these lips! 

my new favorite #drank

My type-A personality kicked in the more I thought about the taboo of drinking on a “school night” so I made sure I took care of business and was as productive as humanly possible throughout the day so that I could justify my coveted cocktail.

Alas, my errand running coincidentally led me straight to the source (or did I subconsciously plan it this way?) – I had to drop off ginger to Danny at Wang Chung’s Karaoke Bar (the locally grown ginger courtesy of @codyonizuka will be used in @wangchungs next mixology series and available at the bar soon – homemade ginger beer featured in dark n’ stormy cocktails!)

Thanks @codyonizuka - ginger bigger than my head... and I got a big head!

Even Domo is lost in the gargantuan ginger!

An ice cold shot of vodka (my new favorite thanks to @wangchungs – Kai Pandan Coconut Vodka)  was exactly what I needed to decompress -that and belting out a few lines of Cee Lo’s “F**k You” with some chicas hot of the plane from Long Beach… Thank you Bud for the long awaited #drank and Danny for the great convo to make my day right!

Although I like the pandan vodka straight up, if you’re not that hardcore, check out the latest mixology episode on NonstopHonolulu by Wang Chung’s bartender Henry which features the “Ho-Chi-Tini” made with the pandan vodka.

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5 Responses to thirsty thursday

  1. neilyama says:

    Hey Kyle! We all need a drank once in a while… I needed one on Memorial Day (Monday) so my buddies and I had some Blue Moon and Tyku… good laughs, good friends, and good drinks… best way to Memorialize Memorial Day! Hope Aloha Friday is full of Aloha!

  2. augustophoto says:

    Don’t tell me you’ve quenched your thirst for First Friday 😉

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