in my hood

I’ve begun to think about why It’s not always my first choice to frequent places right here in my immediate vicinity. If I look at the places where I’m a “regular” or “the duchess” via check-ins on yelp, rarely is it all of the amazing places I can walk to in a few minutes from my own front door.

With the cost of gas and not to mention the frustration of driving, my list of go-to places is going to change rapidly. I usually try to ride my bike wherever possible but with my streak of … maintenance issues (see past post misadventures in fitness as an example and add to that several more flat tires and a broken chain), walking is ever more appealing.

So my friends, this post marks the start of a new series I’ll post weekly on all the great food, fun stores and fun adventures in my hood!

2643 S. King Street

this girl can shop!

I rather guiltily admit… before this past Saturday’s event I had only step foot in Kokua Market one other time – and that time was WAY before I moved into a building that I could literally throw a rock from my window and hit the roof of the market (I’d only miss because I have a severe lack of aim).

Now i’m proud to say I own this biatch!!  Okay, well i’m a co-owner… as long as I keep up with my monthly payment…  Let me explain:  Kokua Market is a co-op – no, scratch that – THE ONLY natural foods cooperative in Hawai’i.

I learned about the food co-op concept at their 40th anniversary celebration at the store thanks to Joannie @trulyjoannies, a former board member and co-owner she explains the process (and gives tummy rubs!) in this video shot by Melissa @melissa808 (yes, a new owner as well!)

Benefits of ownership include

  • owner discounts on products and during special events
  • there is also an opportunity to volunteer and by doing so receive an additional discount on all of the natural and healthy veggies, products, and delicious deli items they sell
  • having a say in what is available in the store (or the power of suggestion – you know who likes this!)

You are welcome to shop in my store anytime (between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm that is)!

With committing to ownership and volunteering I also feel like it’s a step toward eating more healthy and actually COOKING at home!  Jenn and I have started by committing to weekly home-cooked meals!

I feel so lucky to live in such a great area! Come be our neighbor, we can explore together! 😀

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6 Responses to in my hood

  1. Johnson Chan says:

    I still have yet to ever step foot in there.

  2. Yayyyyyyy power to the people!

    • kyleepuu says:

      Let me know what deli items you try and vice versa, I may end up actually using them more for the prepared foods! I think Jenn really liked their tofu musubi, and of course that chocolate coffee peanut butter was AMAZING!

  3. Mariko says:

    I love Kokua Market– If I lived closer I would get a membership. I think it’s so important to have a coop– I can’t believe they haven’t started one on the north shore yet!

    • kyleepuu says:

      I’m suprised at that as well! I am so lucky to have them so close to me. You should check out Kolea Farm – It’s in your direction, I volunteered out there once and in exchange we had a little potluck/cookout right near the patches and got to take home some veggies and taro!

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