globe trotting … without leaving mo’ili’ili

I'll keep my free pic from last year's run thank you, with my sis BEFORE the pain and sweatiness

I’m seriously getting island fever.  I haven’t left this rock for exactly one year. I was reminded of this by the kind people at the Seattle Rock n’ Roll marathon asking me to commemorate my anniversary of running the half by buying $40 horrific sweaty painful-looking pics.  Thanks but no thanks!

What’s a girl to do when there’s still almost a whole month wait until my next trip?  I guess there’s no better substitue for actually traveling than eating food from faraway lands right?  Right?!  Just go with it people….

Da Spot
2469 S. King Street

This past spring i went all veg for lent (no, i’m not catholic or religious, see “giving up” for more details…) because of this, the days I did not plan ahead and bring my lunch with me to work I had to be a little creative if I wanted to satiate my voracious appetite without relying solely on my co-workers’ stashes of  cookies and candy to carry me through the day.  This is how I initially discovered Da Spot.

They have a lunch cart in the sustainability courtyard on the UH campus – the cart offers all vegetarian plates (and are apparently required to do so because of their location in the sustainability courtyard).  The first time I bought a plate I thought, oh great, $4.50 for rice, a main dish and a salad.  I’ll be hungry by 2.

This is a MINI. $6

While walking back to my office with a foil-covered paper plate I ran into my cousin, after talking story for a bit she says, is that curry running down your arm?  I look down and indeed, there is a tasty brown sauce dripping from my elbow.   That plate was loaded to da max!  From that day I was hooked.

Imagine my excitement when I spotted the old golf store on King (across from the new Longs location) being renovated and a shiny new sign above proclaiming it Da Spot !  Their plates are filled just as plentiful as they do at the lunch cart – but at their new location, they can serve MEAT!

Just like at their cart, they also serve smoothies – the list is simply staggering.  If you’re like me and when presented with too many delicious sounding options get flustered, trust me and just go with the coco butta = LOVE!!

I had my girlfriend meet me here for lunch (practically kicking and screaming – she’s totally against anything resembling healthy or vegetarian) and it got her stamp of approval.  She said, “Are you sure this is healthy? ‘Cause it tastes pretty good.”  I can’t attest to the health benefits of being served enough food to last a normal person days and trying to eat it all like you’re some small Japanese man named Kobayashi but hey, be my guest and pretend away.

Combo plate $10 - salad, Egyptian chicken stew and a Moroccan-spiced chicken (oh yes, there's 3 scoops of rice under there)

All I know is everytime I go and order Egyptian stew, Persian chicken, Thai curry or baklava, I feel a little more traveled and cultured than I did before lunch – it helps me get past those days where all I can do is think about jetttting off into the sunset!

A tray of heaven = homemade baklava!greek saladgreek saladgreek saladgreek salad

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4 Responses to globe trotting … without leaving mo’ili’ili

  1. augustophoto says:

    Very clever, Kyle 🙂 Hope all is well.

  2. jenkakio says:

    I’ve never tried Da Spot. I’ve seen it, but like your girlfriend, if it’s too healthy, I’m not enjoying it. BUT now…I’m dying to try it. Your plate lunch looks sooooo ono!

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