i can’t wait

I wish I could clone myself so I could go to every awesome event going on this weekend!  For instance, tonight I’m trying to figure out a way to get my Kennergy at turbo kick in Kaneohe followed by Home Bar for the latter part of a pau hana party, PIG OUT at Eat the Street and finally a birthday celebration Tsukiji. Hmm…

While I learn to perfect the method of teleportation, may I suggest some great things to do if for some innane reason you find yourself lacking in ways to pass the time this weekend:

My top picks!


  • End of the Month wine and spirit tasting at JnJ’s (@finespiritswine on twitter) – Aiea Town Square 99-080 Kauhale Street, C6…  an impressively LONG list of wines and vodkas to taste – trust me, it’s like a big ‘ole party!  Read more about it here.
  • Celebrate Culture + Arts Ko Olina Films – 50 First dates being shown on the lawn at Ko Olina Resort’s Ulua Lagoon (#4) at sunset, rain or shine.
  • Michael Jackson Rememberance Celebration at Wang Chungs Come to the friendliest Karaoke Bar in all of Waikiki, WANG CHUNG’S where we can all feel like We Are The World and where you never have to Beat It because getting an awesome hug that will make you Scream is as easy as A-B-C and will make you feel like a teddy bear named Ben. You’ll never be saying Just Leave Me Alone as we all Rock With You.


  • Summer Sunday Dim Sum Run! 8:30 am at Ala Moana Beach Park. Runners and eaters of all speeds are welcome.  10:15 am at TAI PAN DIM SUM in the Chinese Cultural Plaza.
  • 808 Sports Leagues Kickball Potluck
    No, you don’t have to play or be part of a team, just come out to Kapiolani park and help us celebrate the end of the Spring season by doing what we do best!… drinking and eating… maybe playing kickball?

I hope to see you at one (or ALL if I’m successful at cloning or teleporting) of these events!  Aloha Friday y’all and enjoy your weekend – I, for one CAN’T WAIT!

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5 Responses to i can’t wait

  1. Good luck, sounds like my weekend!

  2. Mariko says:

    You’re right, too many things. I wish I could clone myself, for lots of reasons.
    But I’ve decided to focus on eating. Lots of it. !!!
    I hadn’t heard about the dim sum run! That’s awesome. I wonder if that would make me not like Dim Sum, though, to eat it directly after running.

    • kyleepuu says:

      Definitely check out the Dim Sum Run! It’s going to be a great turnout lots of yelpers and newbies – I’ve yet to join them but I hear great things, I’m usually doing turbo kick instead 😛

  3. Lori says:

    Girl you are making me tired reading about all the things going on this weekend!! Can’t wait to see what end up doing….

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