all about the deals

I’m completely obsessed with all of the groupons, living socials, akamai buys, hot deals Hawaii, I’m sure this list could go on and on… I have purchased so many different half-off deals through all of the different venues, it’s hard to remember what I’ve got and where I got it from.

JJ Dolan's pizza! 2 of us ordered two whole pizzas -hey, we had $30 to spend (for the low low cost of $15!)

My absolute favorite - Izakaya Nonbei - I bought one deal, got one as a gift and was taken out by a friend who bought one! So lucky! Get their frozen sake!

SOUL is a frequent feature on the half-off deal circuit - I have a bunch of these certificates too, so many I have my own menu item on Tuesdays - @kyleepuu's sweet potato pancakes!

By FAR the best deals I have gotten so far has nothing to do with food (surprise!)…

Podium Raceway - two races for the price of one! Nothing else would have gotten me to drive ALL THE WAY out to Kapolei!

If you’re keeping up with me at all on foursquare or any other social media for that matter , you’ll  notice I am REALLY into  pilates as of late.  The reason I’ve been going so frequently is I got an insane deal through Living Social – $35 for a month of unlimited pilates at Fit Studio by Heaven on Earth.

Fit Studio by Heaven on Earth
2346 S. King Street (Former Hula Supply Center)

I can walk or ride bike to this studio easily from home or work so as long as there is a spot available in class, I’ve been taking full advantage of my unlimited classes!

Unfortunately this deal is no longer available but I have completely fallen in love with these classes and wish I had the money to buy more sessions.  Unfortunately it’s not in my budget so until my last class next week, I’m really getting my use out of it!

If you’re able to, I HIGHLY reccomend trying it out, the core exercises, muscle strengthening, lengthening and stretching you get from pilates using the machine they call a “reformer” is amazing.

Pilates Reformer - it will make your abs look like hers (this is what I imagine is underneath my fluffy layer 🙂

The instructors are really knowledgeable and class sizes are limited to the number of machines so at max only 6 at a time, you get a lot of personal attention.

My next adventure through half-off deals…

I purchased crossfit foundations sessions through Play Hawaii over a year ago and I have been totally procrastinating about using it – I know a lot of people who swear by it, my sister included.  Honestly i’m afraid I won’t be able to hack it!  Anyone out there wanting to start the foundations classes with me?

If you need a good one-stop resource for finding local (and national) deals, check out:

Deals Out Da Okole – she filters through all the trash and just feeds you the good deals and coupons worth looking into

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11 Responses to all about the deals

  1. rodale says:

    Hi Kylee,

    Here’s another “Daily Deal” site for you… just be sure to sign yourself up first before you publicize it;

    Follow my blog at to keep up with the latest developments, and if you ever need any one-on-one assistance we can talk or type.

    A hui hou!

  2. jenkakio says:

    I’m obsessed with groupon too. I did see that deal about Pilates, but I wasn’t sure if it was good or not. After reading your post, I regret not getting it. Maybe next time it will come back…crossing my fingers.

    • kyleepuu says:

      I hope they do that coupon again too! I LOVE the classes! Right now they’re doing a package special but it still ends up being about $20/class.

  3. You TOTALLY rock, chicky!!! I was wondering about the half dozen hits from your blog that I was getting. At first, I was like, “Who da hell is dis?” before I starting reading your entry. 🙂 Mahalo plenty fo’ da mention!

    • kyleepuu says:

      Of course! I’ve always appreciated your posts from the yelp deals and steals thread, I’m so glad you’re continuing to provide such a great resource for us all!

  4. Pingback: A Fellow Local Blogger Recommended My Site! :) « Deals Out Da ‘Okole!

  5. Did Podium Raceway with two different group buys and loved it. Saved 50 percent off! I’m waiting for laser hair removal or something super expensive… There’s only so much Kua Aina burgers I can eat in a month! LOL!

    • kyleepuu says:

      Have you tried any of the living social (and now groupon is doing this as well) travel/experience deals? A co-worker of mine just did a white-water rafting and camping one in Cali and loved it!

  6. Capsun says:

    Well, getting a free $20 coupon to Honolulu Burger Co. would be the best DEAL of all – and that’s a big deal! 🙂 It’s no Counter or BOTE, but I think they’re OK, plus they’re close.

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