kickball… it’s not just for kids!

When the idea of playing for an organized kickball team was mentioned to me, in typical fashion I excitedly agreed without knowing the first thing about what I was getting myself into. In all honesty, I remember thinking the entire time this can’t be anything serious whatsoever… all the way up to the first captain’s meeting.  So many others expressed interest in playing kickball too that Justin and I decided to assemble our own team – 25 eager players later, “Kickballin’ Out of Control” was founded!

That's my KOC! (Photo edit by Justin:)

I couldn’t have imagined what a big part of my life all of our team members, our weekly games and happy hours and fellowship with the other teams would become. Over the course of the 13 week season we’ve become one of the most spirited and cohesive groups i’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.  What other very casual intramural sports team do you know that even has a gang of cheerleaders?!

Team spirit! Schwag to prove it!

When Justin came up with our team name it was after hours of texting back and forth, believe it or not we didn’t even realize our acronym was KOC until our first scrimmage – the ref told me, that’s not gonna fit on the lineup board, just write KOC… and HE did not realize what can of worms was opened up with that one!

In retrospect, actually playing kickball is a very small part of why I love being a part of KOC and 808 sports league so much – it really is our “practice” sessions at Kapiolani park, our potlucks and team get-togethers, our happy hours at the bars following the games, smack talking amongst ourselves and other teams. 

post-game happy hours at Rock Bottom - guaranteed good times

Teams play not only kickball but flip cup as well

As the Spring Kickballin Out of Control Team plays its last game of the season tomorrow, we’ll be competing for a chance at 3rd place in the championships and the opportunity to donate money toward the charity of our choice, the Ryan Suenaga Scholarship Fund.

808 Sports Leagues Potluck

In true KOC style, they’ll be playing in costume, with our trademark neon green soccer socks!  I’ll miss being there to play the last game with you – good luck and thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm and getting me through most of the last few months of mundane workweeks with something fun to look forward to on most Wednesday nights and constant facebook comedy and banter.

see, we actually DO play kickball

I’ll be thinking of you all while i’m at the SEATTLE SOUNDERS vs MANCHESTER UNITED game on Wednesday night! Muah!!

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6 Responses to kickball… it’s not just for kids!

  1. daniel says:

    yup kickball is so awesome, im so glad you asked me to play on the team. but what will we do in the looong time between spring and fall season haha

  2. aokami says:

    Now I wanna play kickball! Well, actually I just want to bean the base runners. Oh well, that’s a start huh?

  3. Ameena says:

    I am not athletically inclined…at all…but I remember loving kickball! Such a fun sport.

    And how great is Rock Bottom? I haven’t been there in years but I used to LOVE that restaurant!

  4. JLieu says:


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