banana ice cream!

Yes, home-made … as in: made by me! You know it’s got to be easy if I did it.  So quick and delicious I just had to tell you about it.

I was craving ice cream – I’m the type to like creamy, sinful stuff.  In an effort to stay toward the healthy end (also I was too lazy to leave the house and too cheap to spend money)  I made homemade banana ice cream in less than five minutes!

Keep in mind there are tons of variations, edit to your liking!  Here’s what I did:

Start with frozen bananas:

These frozen portions are great to blend in your smoothie along with your ice!

I buy the bunch from Costco for $1.98, peel, slice in half and freeze in a zip loc bag.  I have these on hand because I use them every morning in my shakeology.

Gather your ingredients!  I used a splash of orange juice and coconut extract just to get the frozen bananas going in the food processor, just a small amount of liquid works. I’m bad about exact measurements (this is probably why my baking experiments are iffy!)… but i’d say about one tablespoon of oj per banana.

I also made another batch using mango lemonade and coconut extract - it turned out great!

This is the worst part – it isn’t hard it’s just mind numbing and loud – maybe you have a great less-noisy contraption but mine sounds like i’m processing silverware.

This thing must have some power, it is noisy!

Just push start and blend away until you achieve a smooth consistency. You may have to stop once or twice to moosh the banana chunks down or help them out a bit to break them up but it takes just a few minutes.

I'm so lazy I remove the blade and eat it right outta this container - it even has a handle!

Since this batch was for company, I restrained myself from eating it right away and popped it in the freezer to firm up a bit.  After about 30 minutes, it was perfect!  It has a creamy consistency and is dairy-free!

Jenn tried to help me with food styling - it's not the prettiest ice cream but it is delicious!

Try your own additions and variations!  If you do or have your own recipes, tell me about them!

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One Response to banana ice cream!

  1. Angela says:

    Holy cow…I just happen to have bananas and mango lemonade at home!
    Will definitely give it a try!

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