day 3 and from 0-60


After the first day of the Top Shape challenge I thought, I didn’t think I really got enough of a workout so the next day we had the genius idea to show up early for some cardio before class.  Little did I know our trainer Jarkko was going to amp up the program so quickly!  If I get a body like his though, it’s all worth it! 

Jarkko Kortelainen - the "Finnish Warrior"

Unfortunately, I look more like this….


But… that is why i’m in the challenge!  My goals are fat loss and muscle gain – ideally visible abs – between lifestyle and genetic makeup, i’m not sure how possible that is but i’m certainly willing to try!

The workouts for Day 2 and 3 of the Top Shape challenge have been intense.  Now that we have the hang of the basic moves the sequence of exercises are perfomed more quickly and combining weights with cardio intervals it now feels like a thorough full-body workout. 

The methods Jarkko is employing in this challenge are based off of the program he runs in Sweden called the Fustra method, which uses three core components to balance the mind and body for optimal fitness.

It’s really beneficial to have the program assist not only with the functional training workouts abut also with nutrition.  The blog is so helpful – I spotted a delicious-looking taco recipe I can’t wait to try and also found a great suggestion to assist with ensuring you keep track of your calorie (or as Jarkko says, “energy”) consumption.  He suggested an app for smartphones called My Fitness Calorie Counter . So far, this is the best app of its’ kind i’ve tried.  Best of all, it’s free!

With a couple of minor (personal) set-backs yesterday, I think the incorporation of weights and healthier eating, however brief so far has helped me find the strength to push through some of the obstacles and keep a strong mind-frame. 27 days and counting….

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3 Responses to day 3 and from 0-60

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  2. augustophoto says:

    I think you got your after picture mixed up with your before picture. But seriously, get it, Kyle! And thanks for the calorie counter app 🙂

  3. JLieu says:

    DAMN you are smoking woman!

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