fuel for fitness

We’ve just completed day 5 of the Top Shape Challenge (and it’s Friday WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO! <- just a tad excited) and I have to admit that thought the workouts have amped up tremendously from day 1, the toughest part of the whole process has been making the right food choices. 

I'd really love to have this for breakfast!


Instead I had this (museli)

Jarkko’s program has definitely influenced me to begin thinking of food as fuel – for instance, instead of referring to the amount of calories in a particular food, he calls it “energy”. 

I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel throughout the day – I have more energy and  I’m more satiated from the foods i’m eating because they’re more nutritionally sound:

slow-digesting carbs – I just tried museli for breakfast this morning, I picked up my mix from the foodland loose grains aisle, it looked like an oatmeal mix with several different cerals, flax seeds, almonds and dried apples and raisins.

high fiber and vitamins from fruit and vegetables and high protien from food like greek yogurt.  I was thrilled to find that the nutritional guide highly suggests yogurt for breakfast and snack because it’s something I’ve already incorporated into my daily routine and have come to really enjoy.

I must admit it took some getting used-to but adding splenda (is that a sin?), fruit and granola makes it awesome!

Now that the weekend is here, I know i’ll find myself in challenging circumstances, there will be lots of temptation …

Baking class,  party and a big birthday to celebrate…

But that’s the great part about being a part of this program – It wouldn’t be called a “challenge” if it was easy right?  Wish me luck!

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12 Responses to fuel for fitness

  1. Angela says:

    I will make sure you stay away from the cakepops at the party!

  2. dansifer says:

    food is fuel…is it your tackling fuel? haha

  3. When I was on a restrictive diet, the best way to be successful I found was to involve friends and family. The more people who are around you and aware, the more they can support, or at least not undermine, your efforts.

  4. JLieu says:

    When someone says they cannot have it all, I think about you and how do it all plus more! WONDER WOMAN! Have a GREAT Friday!

  5. Jonsey says:

    I read your blog!!! wooohoooooo … sorry I missed your call I work until day after tomorrow …

  6. SaraKata says:

    Baking class!? So J. I need to find stuff like that out here! 😉 You’re looking great, btw. And your check in’s to the gym and running are always motivating! 😀 (Especially since your 6am is already noon for me. Much more realistic for my night owl personality! Hehe)

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