(not so) perfect ten

10 days into the 30 day Top Shape Challenge and i’ll freely admit that though i’ve been absolutely committed to the daily workouts (what can I say, I love group exercise classes!) I have not stuck to the nutritional guideline we have been given. 

I'm pretty positive nothing this delicious was recommended by the program for dinner but it was a celebration! hhmmmph!!

Over the weekend, I managed to abstain from most of the delicious baked goods I learned to make in the KCC Brekkie Breads class (write up to follow) but inevitable temptation at birthday celebrations, and just general bad food choices won.

See, I didn't eat ALL of the delicious goods I baked!

Jarrko emphasized the importance of taking our measurements and pictures on this milestone in the challenge as it will help us assess our progress (or lack thereof). I have definitely tightened my core and lost about 1 1/2″ according to the waist measurement and I credit that to one of the key elements ingrained upon us daily – tighten your core and straighten your back!  I try to remind myself of this all day – it’s amazing to realize just how much I slouch.  Jarkko says that even if you don’t lose any weight or fat, your waist will shrink reguardless if you practice holing your core in – it’s true!

Some of the new moves he’s incorporated are a real challenge and I feel the effect of them the next day – DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness – it’s a bad, but GOOD feeling!) no pain, no gain!

Moving forward I am going to try to stick to the nutritional guidlines more strictly – I am proud to say that at the very least, I have been successful at abstaining from alcohol! If you know me, that’s a HUGE win! Especially with kickball season in full-swing, it is a feat in itself.  Jarkko  even gave Jenn and I some tips on using our core strength for power in kicking the ball – we can’t wait to use the new techniques in our game tonight!

Gonna use our newfound core strength for a KOC Team WIN!


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9 Responses to (not so) perfect ten

  1. LOVE IT! GREAT JOB! PS- OMg… I am going to lose 15 lbs! GOAL!

  2. PS- YOU are an inspiration to ALL!!! Great job on the blog- i am swamped and drowning in work!

  3. I’ve been using the “I’m so busy – I’m too tired to workout.” excuse a little too often lately. If you two busy beauties can make time to do a really, really intense workout, the least I could do is jump on my elliptical for at least 30 minutes every day. After all, it is in my living room. THANK YOU for the inspiration.

  4. SaraKata says:

    Good luck at kickball! 😀 Inspiring post about working out and eating right! It’s been tough to eat right out here. Food…everywhere! hahhahaa. Can’t wait for your after pics! Abs, baby! 😀 hehe.

    • kyleepuu says:

      I can imagine, there’s so many new things for you to try! How was Shake Shack? Did you have to wait a long time? I’ve seen pictures of the line before…crazy!

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  6. I’d still say you’re doing pretty well. 10 days straight of exercise is pretty awesome!

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