pizza! pizza!

The idea of making pizza from scratch has been something i’ve wanted to do for months, after hearing my coworkers rave about it being “foolproof” and “so easy!”.

They even sent me the recipe to use, which does look so simple huh?

That’s what I thought too.  In retrospect, it wasn’t necessarily difficult… It would have just been great to know a few more details I’ll be sure to keep in mind the next time I do this – then i’ll be the one telling you – it’s so EASY! It’s Kyleepuu-proof!

1.  Making the dough

Batch 1- It looked perfect when I left it to rise, I was so excited!

My first attempt at making the dough, I followed the directions in the recipe to a T.  Therefore, when the ingredient list asked for 1 cup of HOT water, that’s exactly what I added.  In fact, to ensure the water was HOT, I microwaved it.  Bad idea. 

After further research the next morning (as I tried to figure out why my dough did not rise) I discovered…

From the site Homemade Pizza Made Easy

“When activating yeast it is important that the correct water temperature is used!! The yeast can be destroyed if the water is too cold or too hot. The water temperature should be between 105 degrees F. and 115 degrees F. Use and instant read thermometer if you have one, if not, test the water against the inside of your wrist by holding it under the faucet…it should feel very warm but not hot”

So as you can deduce, I am a murderer.  I killed the hell out of that yeast. 

Batch 2 - after rising

So attempt #2 (in the spare 15 minutes I usually reserve for making myself presentable for work I chose to make a second batch of dough instead because I was that hell-bent on eating pizza for dinner)… Voila, ugly but perfectly-risen dough later in the day.

2.  Rolling out the dough

Using this recipe I would have definitely spread the dough much thinner as the crust rose quite a bit.  I typically enjoy thin and crispy pizza crust so this is purely preference. 

This first attempt I’d say the dough was about 1/3″ thick or so before baking.  Vainly, I just wanted a pretty round pizza so about half the dough recipe yielded two approximately 8″ pizzas for me whereas they probably could have been stretched to about 10″ or more. 

3. Toppings – Go Crazy!!  … I did!

Pizza #1 was a BBQ sauce base with half grilled chicken and just before topping I realized we had some leftover kalua pig from Thanksgiving so that went on the other half.  Whatever veggies I had on hand also got thrown on (sweet mini peppers, red onion, fresh corn) and some feta I found on sale.

Pizza #2 was a pesto base with chicken and basically the same toppings as the first pizza sans corn.  On this pie, I brushed the crust with a little olive oil before baking which resulted in a pretty golden crust.  I’ll be sure to do that again next time.

4. Grind!

There were hardly any leftovers so I can’t wait to experiment again now that I have made the recipe kyleepuu-proof! 

Got any topping combo ideas for me to try?

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