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pizza! pizza!

The idea of making pizza from scratch has been something i’ve wanted to do for months, after hearing my coworkers rave about it being “foolproof” and “so easy!”. They even sent me the recipe to use, which does look so … Continue reading

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(not so) perfect ten

10 days into the 30 day Top Shape Challenge and i’ll freely admit that though i’ve been absolutely committed to the daily workouts (what can I say, I love group exercise classes!) I have not stuck to the nutritional guideline … Continue reading

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teach me how to…

COOK! “allez cuisine!”  – loosely translated: Go COOK! Okay, so this wasn’t really like an episode of Iron Chef… but after I saw our finished Rafute, I felt a small tinge of proud accomplishment at the beauty of the dish! This … Continue reading

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in my hood

I’ve begun to think about why It’s not always my first choice to frequent places right here in my immediate vicinity. If I look at the places where I’m a “regular” or “the duchess” via check-ins on yelp, rarely is … Continue reading

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stir fry

In my mind, these two words are the scariest in the culinary dictionary.  Growing up hearing mom say, we’re having stir fry for dinner could either mean something completely awesome or very bad, or sometimes just some combination of ingredients … Continue reading

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